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Why so sad?

I was reading a little article in AARP Magazine.  (It wasn’t my magazine, he said, trying to not appear old.  The magazine was delivered in error and the post office doesn’t ‘return to sender’ magazines, so thank you, subscriber Karen H., wherever you are.)  It was called “Cheer Up!”  I believe the intent was to … Continue reading Why so sad?


Remember how important you are

  When teachers at Mission Viejo Elementary School came back from summer break, I was there. They wanted me to speak on the morning of the first day of work week. I have worked with hundreds of schools and districts across North America, and my presentation about how to teach students to speak well went … Continue reading Remember how important you are

Human Nature: Why “Personalized Learning” is doomed

We have an all-comedy radio station in Denver—non-stop clips from various comedians. I missed the name of the comic, but one talked about digging through his closet looking at all the junk he had discarded in there. One of the items was his Rosetta Stone CD set. I spent a couple of minutes researching “what … Continue reading Human Nature: Why “Personalized Learning” is doomed