The Real Problem with Fake News

At every press event, Donald Trump criticizes the media and/or specific people/networks. Initially, he picked on the New York Times and CNN. Now, in the President’s mind, not only are almost all news sources fake, they are enemies of the American people. This has been a constant theme of his rule. Why these attacks? The … Continue reading The Real Problem with Fake News

Civic Engagement! We need to teach it.

  How to Turn Civics Students Into Engaged Citizens December 03, 2018 Erik Palmer, M.A.Program Consultant, Into Reading and Into Literature This is the final post in our four-part Teaching the Constitution series of blogs about civics and U.S. Supreme Court cases. I taught civics for a number of years, and in truth, much of what was in the official curriculum was … Continue reading Civic Engagement! We need to teach it.

Don’t Follow Your Dreams!

Jaime Handley at A dream is a regular idea with a fancy name. That’s all it is. It’s an idea that popped into the head. Understanding that is very important. Why? Have you ever had a bad idea? Ever looked back at something and thought, “Whoa. I shouldn’t have done that. That was … Continue reading Don’t Follow Your Dreams!

Human Nature: Why “Personalized Learning” is doomed

We have an all-comedy radio station in Denver—non-stop clips from various comedians. I missed the name of the comic, but one talked about digging through his closet looking at all the junk he had discarded in there. One of the items was his Rosetta Stone CD set. I spent a couple of minutes researching “what … Continue reading Human Nature: Why “Personalized Learning” is doomed